About Userlane

At Userlane we believe in flat hierarchies and leading by context more than by control. You’ll have your own projects and do more than just support us. Imagine Userlane as a playground with a lot of toys lying around. You don’t have to stick with one, but will be playing around with various tasks and learn, where you can apply your skills best.

Working closely with the founders will let you experience what it is like to build and scale a business right from the beginning. You will gain invaluable insights into key areas and first-hand entrepreneurship experience.

We believe that no job is worth spending the best years of your life sitting around bored in a cubicle. That’s why we are actively looking for driven & hungry people who want to make an impact. And by “hungry” we mean literally “hungry” - we love to cook in our office and even have our own burrito meetup.

With B2B customers ranging from startups to enterprises, Userlane has a solid customer base and is on its way to establish itself as the leader in the multi-billion European user engagement software market. We are currently funded by leading technology investment companies and experienced business angels.

We value the work we do and that means, that we are pushing us hard to offer all our employees a fair salary that represents their skills and experience. Additionally we are offering various benefits and are always open for new ideas to make life easier and more fun for everyone working with us at Userlane.

Working at a startup is not and never will be a 9-to-5 job, but we believe that a healthy lifestyle includes time for relationships, sports and hobbies. At Userlane we aren’t focussed on sprinting to the next exit opportunity as soon as possible. We are building a company that allows us to achieve great things while at the same time enjoying every part of our life.

While some startups suffer from a lack of structure and experience, our founding team consists of three individuals with complementary skills and experience. We have successfully built companies and managed teams in the past and have held leading positions in management consulting, large media corporations and design agencies. This experience allows us to remain calm in stressful situations and help our coworkers grow into experts and future leaders themselves.

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